My work is an exploration of complex systems in nature, and the dynamic interplay of structure and contingency that makes up the universe. I begin with spirals as a basic unit of configuration. Using compressed air to create and move small currents of paint, I yield control to my materials so that these basic units become force fields, drawing energy within themselves like a vortex and radiating it outward. As they bump up against one another, and overlap, they create interference patterns and complex interstitial spaces. These vibrate in a dynamic interplay in which nothing is static, where “positive and “negative” spaces shift in relation to one another in the shifting light.


William Holton received his MFA from University of Pennsylvania and BFA from the Atlanta College of Art.. He has received several awards including a Fellowship Award from Vermont Studio Center, a Merit Award from Hunter Museum of Art, Chattanooga, TN and a Regional Visual Arts Fellowship, Southern Arts Federation/NEA. He has shown nationally and in New York and live and works in Brooklyn, NY.